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Top 10 Movies Set in Berlin

It’s no secret that Berlin is my favorite city. After all, I’ve written four Hannah Vogel novels set here. It captured my imagination when I was a teenager here in the 1980s, when the wall was still up, and it’s never let me go. Here’s a list of movies that show the city that inspires more »

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Why I left the sunny skies of Hawaii for the gray days in Berlin. Crazy?

going away party hawaii

by Rebecca Cantrell I’ve been strangely silent since I moved to Berlin. Strange for me, anyway. . Maybe it’s the stresses of packing a house that we lived in for a decade, winnowing it down to a storage room and a couple of suitcases, and hopping on a plane to travel halfway around the world. more »

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Toast to Bouchercon

. By Rebecca Cantrell . . Everyone is going to Bouchercon this week but me. Not strictly speaking true, because there are a billion people in China who never even heard of Boucheron, plus nearly everyone I know who isn’t a writer or a mystery fan. But in spite of that, it feels like everyone more »

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Blending in with a Cult?

By Rebecca Cantrell . . Hannah Vogel does manage to infiltrate the cult of all cults: the Nazi party. Let’s run through the cult checklist: overbearing leader, fanatical devotion, mind control, serious consequences if you leave, questions or doubts strongly discouraged. Yes, on all counts. . . So, how did she do it? It helped more »

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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures . By Rebecca Cantrell . What’s the guiltiest pleasure on my bookshelf? . I’m vaguely guilty about all the stacks of books I have that won’t even fit onto my shelves, but not enough to give them top billing. Because, really, they’re just a sign that I will never catch up and read more »

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