Essays and Articles


Pregnant with Possibility – about attending Thrillerfest 2008

Time Travel – about researching “A Trace of Smoke,” posted on Kelli Stanley’s blog

Adventures in Picketing – a day on the WGA picket line in Los Angeles

Max Grew – risk and birth and why we do it

Only Sound, No Fury – about harbors, safe and otherwise


Scream – interview with Mike Dellosso, author of “Scream”

Boca Knights – interview with Steven Forman, author of “Boca Knights”

Precious Cargo Navigates Treacherous Waters – interview with Clyde Ford, author of “Precious Cargo”

The Hollower is Back – interview with Mary SanGiovanni, author of “Found You”

Roman Noir Comes Alive – interview with Kelli Stanley, author of “Nox Dormienda: A Long Night for Sleeping”

Sara Booth Returns – interview with Carolyn Haines, author of “Wishbones”

The Story Behind the Story – interview with Julie Compton, author of “Tell No Lies”

On Agenting – interview with Kimberley Cameron from Reece Halsey North

Surprise Me – interview with Sharon Linnea, author of CHASING EDEN and BEYOND EDEN